April 22, 2014

Liebster Award {english version}

Liebster award bloggers
The blogging community keeps surprising me all the time. Lovely Sheridan from SoSheridan nominated me for the Liebster Award, which is practically a way of bringing to attention blogs with under 200 followers, so that bloggers can be able to discover and get to know other fellow bloggers. Thanks for the support Sheridan!

This post comes right after a tag post (you can take a look at my Spring Lover Tag here), which might look a bit weird, but I promised to make this post soon and I keep my promises (at least I try to). The rules are simple. You answer the 11 questions your nominator asks you, then you list 11 facts about yourself. After that, you also create 11 questions and you nominate bloggers with less than 200 followers. Of course, you post the award on your blog and mention the person who nominated you. Easy. At least that's how it looks, because the questions can be realllly tricky! So, here are Sheridan's questions and my attempt at answering them.

1. What makes you happiest?
Being with my family and knowing they are healthy, safe, and as happy as possible.

2. What is your favourite beauty brand?
That's a hard one. I actually have favourite products from various brands, both affordable and high end. So I can't possibly pick just one. At least until I discover a brand that will make me forget about the others!

3. What can you not live without?
I would have to say water.

4. Why did you start blogging?
I guess because I've always liked writing, sharing and discovering. I admired lots of lovely blogs out there and I wanted to participate, too. The fact that I had a lot of free time when I started blogging also helped a lot. It is highly therapeutic, you know.

5. What's your job/what are you studying?
I teach english. I also have a Master's Degree on comparative literature.

6. What's your favourite clothing shop?
Not necessarily because I like all the clothes, but because I find it to be very fun, I'll say Tally Weijl.

7. Do you have any pets?
We proudly adopted a big, happy, constantly hungry stray dog last summer. He is adorable.

8. What's your favourite food?
I've always hated this question! How can I just pick one?? I'll tell you a secret, though. Any meal that contains love as the key ingredient, is my favourite.

9. What do you do in your spare time?
It depends on the mood. I mostly enjoy reading, making jewellery, cooking, going for long walks, playing games, experimenting with my nails, watching videos on youtube, reading other blogs, and of course blogging. Drinking coffee, beer and ouzo is mandatory.

10. What's your favourite colour?
BluePinkWhiteMint. Does it look like I've picked only one? Hehe.

Note: Actually, there was a mix-up and Sheridan asked 10 questions instead of 11, but I am more than happy about it haha! Now to the next part:

11 Facts about me:

1. I love animals. I would love to be a vet or a wild animal caretaker.

2. I hate insects. I can be the calmest person on earth, but when it comes to insects, I am quite a sight. Especially grasshoppers. I'm freaking out even as I'm writing these words. True story.

3. I prefer gloomy weather over hot and sunny days. What can I say?

4. I love languages. I can learn them easily and I don't care how old or contemporary they are. I think I'm obsessed with words and etymology. 

5. Don't speak to me before I've had at least half a cup of my morning coffee. There will probably be a misunderstanding. I believe you would find me slightly unpleasant. I'd still be polite, but nervous. No offense, ok?  ;)

6. No matter how hurt, mad, angry, irritated, offended I can be by somebody, I always try to get in their shoes and understand why they behave this way. It's instictive, I've been doing this for as long as I can remember myself. Justifying doesn't mean agreeing of course, but at least I always know what to expect of people.

7. I love chocolate, sweets, candy, anything sweet. And I'm not proud of it.

8. I love music. I can't live without it. I love rock, metal, jazz, opera, rock n' roll, classical music, blues, country, oriental, swing, latin, RnB, but I admit that my favourite kind of music is the bird songs.

9. For as long as I remember myself, I have been an observer. I always sit back and observe other people, their moves, expressions, way of thinking, talking and reacting to situations. Not in a gossipy way of course! I would rather describe it as a sociological interest.

10. I would rather have a perfect, flawless complexion and a limited make up collection rather than a shockingly huge collection of make up to conceal imperfections.

11. I tend to believe that the struggle to make myself a better person and beat my flaws and weeknesses does not mean that I am bad and not "genuinely good". Good will and sincere effort matter more to me. It's true, I am a huge fan of effort and second chances.

I did it! Now I'd like to nominate these lovely blogs:






My questions for the nominees:

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. How do you use the social media to promote your blog?

3. Do you have a signature make up look?

4. If you had to trade all your beauty products for something bigger, what would that be?

5. Has blogging affected your personality and your daily life? If yes, in which way?

6. What is your typical day like?

7. What do you love the most in life?

8. Would you rather be loved, admired, respected or feared?

9. What is your best attribute? (mental or physical)

10. What is your worst flaw? (mental or physical)

11. How do you react to negative comments both in real life and blogging life?

Don't forget to leave me a comment with the link to your Liebster Award post!

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